Concession Credit Options

This section functions similar to the Pre-Paid Pass options whereby when a member purchases this product their account has a set amount of credit added. This credit can be deducted from our Front Desk iPad app or the Front Desk module of your website.

The amount of credit added is based on the price of the product or pricing option. So if the price option is $10.00 the member gets $10.00 added to their account.

Bonus Credit can also be added too for best-value deals. For example, “Purchase $50 and we will add $5 more”.

Read about how concession credit is managed within a family here.

While primarily intended for cashless concession sales, this account credit could be used for anything at the club that a member could buy from a pool attendant – club koozies, hats, shirts, whatever. Account credit does not however take the place of a transaction on the website. For example, concession credit could NOT be used to pay for or reduce the price of other store products like a membership.

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