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Someone wants to pay by Check or Cash

If someone pays by check, you have two options. Mark Paid By Check / Offline, or manually account for their payment using the Create Manual Payment tools.

IMPORTANT: Either of these options will require you to be logged in as a Board Member with certain permissions. If you do not see these options, you probably don’t have them. Contact your Board President (or Website Guru) for access. (If you ARE the President and you don’t see these links, contact us or the previous President.)

  • The Mark Paid by Check / Offline method will have no affect on your year-end accounting or reporting. If your club Accountant or Treasurer decides to leave check payments off of your online reporting but would still like to keep track of who’s paid offline, this option will extend a member’s expiration date or add a new member, and is a good choice if you need to update multiple accounts at once.
  • Manual Payments will affect your financial reporting. This process will create a payment in the backend that wasn’t actually paid through Paypal, but is treated like it was. Doing so will make sure the member is added to the Membership database (if they are new) or if they are renewing their membership it will extend their expiration date by 1 year (or to your fiscal calendar).

NOTE: New members can be always added or renewed without going through the Manual Payment system.

No matter what you decide, consistency is key.

So if you start adding Manual Payments for checks, keep doing it!  If you decide otherwise, don’t start mid-year. 

Mark Paid by Check / Offline

 Go to Board Member Dashboard > Financial > Mark Paid by Check/Offline.

pooldues paid offline by check

Choose which member(s) to Mark as Paid to extend their membership or note partial check payments. Members that have already paid this year are not listed. You can optionally adjust what membership type they have and leave a note about the payment. If the member has paid in full, mark them as fully paid to extend their expiration date.

If you need to review which members were already marked as paid offline in the current year, there is a select option at the top of the page to toggle back and forth…

pooldues view paid by check offline

To Create a Manual Payment

This will log the payment on the website AS IF it were paid online through Paypal (the some code will be triggered as if it were a real payment).

In your Reporting / CSV Exports it will be noted as a manual purchase (instead of displaying the Paypal transaction ID). So for end-of-year accounting it is easy to separate which payments were real or not.

If you have questions and feel like this is the option you require, Contact Us to discuss.

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