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Upgrade Your PayPal!

Big fat news! Our clients can keep Paypal’s 2.9% rate (they raised it recently to 3.4%). Couple things need to happen to get that rate…

Besides the savings for you and your members, the upgrade will add deeper functionality to PayPal Commerce. To name a couple, you will be able to change the amount of automatically rebilling products, and the upgrade also makes it clearer that buyers can pay through a debit / credit card right on your site! In addition, during the upgrade process, PayPal will place a note in your account that you are a Swim and Tennis Club, which should remove any holds on the account due to taking in a lot of money for a short time each year! It’s a big deal.

Buyers will still go through the shopping cart as usual, but instead of checking out on Paypal’s site, a modal-window will appear above the cart, where all the purchase magic happens. 

A couple things need to happen to get that rate and functionality:

First, log into your club’s PayPal account. You must do this as the owner of the account.

Then go here: https://www.paypal.com/bizsignup/entry/product/ppcp

If you have had a Paypal account for awhile, they might ask for some identity verification. A w2 for the club, or the last 4 social or DOB of the person that created the account (this is only for verification and account recovery, not for taxes). 

If they ask for a Business Manager, just add yourself, or the President, whoever really. And again, this has nothing to do with taxes.   Just be sure you don’t toggle on that anyone owns more than 25% of the company.

On the last screen they will ask about Fraud Protection. Just click “I’ll do this later”.   You guys don’t have to worry about much fraud as these are members paying.

If anything trips you up, feel free to send us a screenshot

Finally, we will need very limited access to your PayPal account to create the connection. From the Account Settings page, you should see an option to Manage Users. Please add contact@pooldues.com and just enable for Developer access only. Pick a username that is specific to your club name or initials.

When that’s done, we will get an email from PayPal with the User information you just created. We’ll add you to the queue to be upgraded next and reach out.

Once PayPal has done their part and we have done ours, there’s one more step. We’ll send you instructions to complete the connection. After that is done, you will receive a new Pricing Agreement from PayPal that, once signed and returned, will activate your new lower rates and features.

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