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Upgrade Your PayPal!

Big fat news! Our clients can keep Paypal’s 2.9% rate (they raised it recently to 3.4%). Couple things need to happen to get that rate…

Besides the savings for you and your members, the upgrade will add deeper functionality to PayPal Commerce. To name a few, refunds will be able to be initiated through the website, you will be able to allow multiple discount codes to be added to the cart at one time, and the upgrade also makes it clearer that buyers can pay through a debit / credit card right on your site!

Buyers will still go through the shopping cart as usual, but instead of checking out on Paypal’s site, a modal-window will appear above the cart, where all the purchase magic happens. 

A couple things need to happen to get that rate and functionality:

  • Your PayPal account must be a business account.  To verify this, just log into PayPal. In the top-right corner, If you see a name and an option for Account Settings, you’re probably a business account. To verify, click that link. If you see anything regarding Business on that screen, you’re good to go. Stay on that page.
  • We will need access to your PayPal account for about 10 minutes. From the Account Settings page, you should see an option to Manage Users. Please add contact@pooldues.com and just enable for Developer access only.

That’s it! When that’s done, we will get an email from PayPal with the User information you just created. We’ll add you to the queue to be upgraded and reach out.

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