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Subscribing to Calendar Feeds

Your Board Members can subscribe to a Calendar Feed for the club’s upcoming Pool Hours, Event Calendar and Facility Reservation grid. These are self-updating feeds, that will change when updates are made on the website. Feed URLs can be added to Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, and any other service that supports the standard iCalendar format.

So for example, if someone is subscribed to the Event Calendar feed, and your social director adds a new event, this will show on their calendars within 24 Hours. Some services, like Google Calendar take longer than others.

Feed URLs

The subscription URLs are available at…

  • yoursite.com/Facility-Feed.php
  • yoursite.com/Calendar-Feed-Events.php
  • yoursite.com/Pool-Hours-Feed.php

But wait!… Opening these links directly will download a .ics file, containing the current data for that particular calendar. Although this data could be imported to your preferred calendar, this is NOT the same as subscribing to the feed. It would be a one-time import, and not a true live feed.

Subscribing to a feed using Google Calendar

Go to your Google Calendar, and on the bottom left look for the Other Calendars section, and find the plus sign to Add a Calendar.

Choose From URL when prompted.

Paste in the Feed URL and you’re done!

Subscribing to a feed using Apple’s Calendar

On your Mac, open the Calendar app then go to File > New Calendar Subscription.

Paste in the Feed URL and you’re done!

Subscribing to a feed using Outlook’s Calendar

Sign in to Outlook on the web.

At the bottom of the navigation pane, click the Calendar icon.

On the toolbar, click Add calendar.

Click From Internet, and paste in the Feed URL.

In the Calendar name box, enter a name for the linked calendar.

Click Save.

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