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Enable a Facility on Specific Days

It is possible to enable / disable specific days within your facility grid’s settings, by customizing the Hours section.

Case example, the club only wants to allow Facility Rentals Wednesday through Sunday all year long. Because this will happen each week, regardless of the time of year, this is a perfect example of when to use Settings to disable booking on those days. Otherwise, use the Custom Open Hours instead if your club’s amenities hours change throughout the year.

pooldues setting grid hours

IMPORTANT: If you use the <day of the week> Open fields, those will override your Custom Open Hours. This is useful if you are using the same Open Hours Set for multiple grids, but one or more of your grids have different days they are closed. For example, you have two pools. They are open the same days and hours each season, but one is closed on Mondays and the other is closed on Thursdays.

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