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Membership Discounts for Volunteering

Your Membership products can have an automatic discount applied to them if the household has volunteered a specific amount of time the previous year or this year. Since many swim and tennis clubs collect dues prior to setting up volunteer work days, it will be important to consider that distinction.

To get started, edit your Membership Product and in the left column, choose Volunteer Discount

You can setup 5 tiers or thresholds for each membership product. So for example, a household that works 5 hours can get a larger discount than someone that has only worked 1 hour. Most of our clients will only need to define 1 threshold to meet, but these extra options might inspire some households to work more.

As you can see in the screenshot below, all 5 thresholds are defined…

The discount amount is a flat dollar amount (not percentage discount) deducted. Your highest amounts must be listed on top descending down to lower amounts.

The final option is choosing whether to look at this year’s log data or last years

So for example, if the value is set to “Last Year“, and a household worked 5 hours in 2024, they would NOT qualify for any discount when paying in 2024. In 2025 though, their membership would be reduced in price.

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