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Volunteer Module Overview

For our Swim and Tennis club clients that ask (or require) members to volunteer, we have a new module to track time and even reward those heroes. Here’s a quick feature rundown…

  • Log volunteer time for your General facility-related needs (pressure washing, gutters, event setup, etc), or a sub-segment for your Swim Team or Dive Team volunteers.
  • Set a yearly household volunteer requirement, for example, each household can automatically be marked as “Completed” after doing 3 hours of work.
  • Choose whether to track volunteer work in terms of Hours, Shifts or Credits.
  • Allow members to pay their way out of working by creating products that equate to x amount of time worked. For example, a variable priced product of “Skip working 1 hour for $50”, “Skip working 2 hours for $100”, “Skip working 3 hours for $150”.
  • Allow members to self-log their time worked with an optional link in the Member Dashboard.
  • Create automatic discounts on specific membership products that deduct from the purchase price based on thresholds of time worked. For example, volunteering 2 hours could deduct $50, whereas volunteer 4 hours could deduct $100.
  • View totals online or export to a CSV file the logs of time worked.
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