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How to export sales to CSV

There are multiple ways to export sales to CSV. Let’s start with the option most Board Members have access to…

Accounts with the Treasurer role enabled can go to Board Member Dashboard > Financial > Product Order History

This page will show all recent sales. Filter by product to view just that product’s sales and the export options.

Above the list of recent sales you will see an Export to CSV button.

This CSV file will contain the following fields.

  • Date
  • Purchaser Name (in one column)
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Payment ID
  • Product Title
  • Product Price
  • Product ID
  • Variable Pricing Name
  • Variable Product Price
  • Entire Order Total (includes the value of other products purchased)
  • Referral (if applicable)
  • Custom Checkout Fields (answers to question fields asked on a per product basis, like “T-Shirt Size”)

Another method to export sales is available to Board Members with the Accountant role. This role is less common, and must be setup by your Pool Dues administrators. The Accountant role is able to delete payment records and should be reserved for the Board Members most involved with the club’s finances.

Go to Board Member Dashboard > Financial > Export Sales Data

Once there, many more export options are available. The most common is to go to Export Payment History, choose a start and end date, filter by Completed sales, then export to CSV.

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