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Selling Concession Credit and Deducting Credit using our Front Desk app

If your club has a Snack Bar you can go cashless by having members pre-pay for concession credit through your website. Your club can create their own concession credit products, but your PoolDues website likely has one ready to go at .

This product is completely customizable, name, pricing, image, description, etc, through Financial module > Product Editor.

When a member purchases this product their account receives concession credit equal to the price option they selected ($10, $20, $30, etc). In the Product Editor, your club can also add in extra credit as an incentive…

Selling Concessions and Deducting using our Front Desk app

Members can check their credit balance by going to the Member Dashboard then Balances.

Deducting Credit using our iPad App

From our Front Desk iPad app, search for the member, then press the Minus icon to subtract from their current balance. To correct a deduction, press the Plus icon to add back credit.

If a member does not have enough pre-paid concession credit in their account, the scroll wheel to make a deduction will make it clear at what point the member will owe money.

💡Pro Tip: Let your attendants know the max amount members should be allowed to owe. Letting members go a little negative can be a good thing! If a member owes the club for $1.50 but the lowest price option to buy more concession credit is $10, they will purchase and have $8.50 to spend again at the Snack Bar.

Learn about invoicing for unpaid guest or concession balances.
Learn more about household concession balances here.
Learn about logging concession changes here.

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