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Attendance and Front Desk Logs

When you’re ready to delve into all the data you’ve collected using the Check-in system, you can view – and/or...

Initial Setup and Check-In Instructions

We recommend your staff use our Front Desk iPad app to check members in. This app was designed for teenage...

Where to find the Attendant Password

Your club’s Secret Key WILL be different than below! Check YOUR site for your unique key.

Selling Concession Credit and Deducting Credit using our Front Desk app

If your club has a Snack Bar you can go cashless when members pre-pay for concession credit through your website....

iPad Settings to use our Front Desk app in Kiosk Mode

Our self-service check-in kiosk app will log attendance data and allow members to self-subtract Pre-Paid Guest Passes or add guests...

Concession Balances in the Member Dashboard

Members can view their concession credit in the Balances section of the Member Dashboard. Any “Head of Household” in the...

Guest Tracking

If your club wants to track guests, you can configure what information to gather and when. From the Guests Dashboard,...

Front Desk App Settings

As of version 9.0, the Front Desk App has a new Settings mode to fine tune exactly what attendants or...

Managing Inventory to sell in the Front Desk App

Your club can add inventory to the app from the Front Desk module of your website. Go to Board Member...

Updating the Facility Status from the App

As of version 9.26 of our Front Desk Attendant app, each iPad can enable (or disable) updating the front page...