Guest Tracking

If your club wants to track guests, you can configure what information to gather and when.

From the Guests Dashboard, you can choose to send a custom email when a member purchases a guest pass, checks in with guests, or uses their pre-paid passes when reserving. You can also view the guest information that has been submitted and export the the data you’ve collected.

Guest Form

This is the page your members or front desk attendants will use to provide information about guests. Enter the Guest’s name and other pertinent information, then check the box if the guest is interested in joining. Add Guest Info to save those fields to the database and to the exportable CSV.

Guest Tracking Settings

Customize the email for Members that purchase guest passes, check in with guests, or use Pre-Paid Guest Passes when reserving. Members will be directed to the Guest Form to enter their guest’s information. 

NOTE: Examples and text suggestions are previewed on this page to give an idea what each setting does. All are customizable based on your club’s preference.

Email Member for Guest Info

Choose when to send an email asking for guest info. The link in this email will take the member to the Guest Form to submit their guest’s information. The default is Never, but we recommend sending at the time of purchase and the time of usage for the most accurate data.

Show Balance when used

Show Members their current Guest Pass Balance at the top of the email. You have the option to only show their balance if they owe.

Email Subject

This is the subject line of the email. Edit the Bringing Guests Soon? text if you’d like.

Referral Incentives

Activate our automated referral rewards program to credit members if their guests eventually join the club.


Board Members can be alerted when the same guest email has been entered after a certain number of times.

Viewing Guest Info

You can view the guest information submitted by members. The list you will see is a summary of the submissions sorted by date. This view is a great way to quickly scan and make sure no one is abusing your club’s guest policy. For instance, you might not care how often Out of Town guests attend, but you DO care if a member is bringing their neighbor every weekend. To see how many times that guest has come to the club or how many guests that member has brought to the club this season, click the More Info link.

Exporting the Logs

Clicking this link will initiate a CSV export. Check your default downloads folder for the file. It will be named Guest-Tracking.csv. (There may be a number following the file name if you have already exported the file previously).

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