Swapping Products

This feature is primarily intended for swapping items of the same price, for example to move a buyer to a different weekly clinic or camp. Any changes will affect the total price but this can manually be reset to the original sale price if need be.

⚠️ Important: Adjusting products in this way will not refund or charge the customer more. The money received in PayPal will not be affected.

We recommend adding new products before removing any.

First, find the order. It probably makes the most sense in this scenario to start by searching for the member who needs the change.  Note: please disregard the button/accent colors in the screenshots – your buttons will be the color specific to your club.  

View More Info on that member, then View Orders.  

Find the order that needs to be changed and tap the More Info button.

On that next screen, there’s a Swap/Remove Products button.



Once you do that, you can duplicate the Custom Checkout Fields below that top/product section.

Tap Copy Answers to a different Product.

Then, Save Changes to Answers in THAT section below. 

At that point, tap Swap/Remove Products again and you can remove the original product then Save Changes

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