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Add a New Primary Account

New purchasers are automatically added to your membership database when they buy certain products, but they can also be manually...
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Create a Sub-Account

Primary purchasers can create Sub-Accounts, manage account balances for pre-paid credit (for example, divide concession credit between two sub-accounts), reserve courts,...
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Send Mass Emails

Your PoolDues-powered website enables anyone with the appropriate permissions to communicate with your members easily. Choose to send an email...
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Create a New Page

When you’re ready to create new content of any kind, your PoolDues-powered website makes it simple. By following our easy...
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Edit a Page

Inevitably a page on your club’s site will need to be edited. There are several ways to go about this....
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Create and Edit Products

Creating a Product To add a brand new product, go to the Board Member Dashboard > Financial module > then...
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Member vs. Board Login

All PoolDues-powered websites can be accessed by the Public by default. After all, that’s kinda the point of a website,...
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Member Directory

Your PoolDues-Powered website is equipped with an Opt-In Member Directory. Members can consent to share whatever information they’d like, including their interests,...
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