Selling Summer Camps

In this article we will discuss our recommended options for selling “Summer Camp” products. Outlined below is an overview of the setup ahead…

  • We will create an initial Summer Camp product to copy for repeating weeks of camps.
  • Discuss limiting sales so your camp does not go over capacity.
  • Duplicate the initial product for each week the camp is offered.
  • Add all the products to a Shop page.

For more info on anything product-related, be sure to visit the Products and Shops section of our Knowledge Base.

Create an Initial Summer Camp Product

From the Board Member Dashboard go to Financial then Product Creator. Give the product a basic name like “Summer Camp”. Since we are going to eventually duplicate this product later, be sure to exclude any reference to a specific date range. Add a base price for now (we will change this later).

After hitting Create and Continue, you will be on the Basic Settings tab of your new product. We recommend setting the Category to “Camp” and then setting the email addresses of anyone that should be notified when camp products are purchased.

At this point, you could write a short description of the camp, but if your camps will have vastly different descriptions from week to week, skip this step for now.

Next, head over to the Variable Pricing tab…

Toggle on this style of pricing so we can add prices for multiple children. You can see in the screenshot below that the prices can vary based on the number of kids being enrolled. For example, parents might get a price break for more children.

You can set an Interest Tag of “Camp” for any buyers of this product. Interest Tags are one of many ways your members can be segmented for communication purposes. If a “Camp” Interest Tags does not exist, create one by going to Board Member Dashboard > Members > Interest Tags.

If only members are allowed to enroll in camps, select the Limit Sales tab, and set this option…

Something to consider – You could make separate Summer Camp products specifically for non-members with different pricing.

Next, head over to the Custom Checkout Fields tab. This section allows you to add custom fields at checkout IF the product is in the cart. Bare minimum you will want to know the name of the camper attending. Replicate the highlighted sections in the screenshot below…

This is how these fields will look at checkout to the buyer.

You can test this yourself at anytime by adding the product to the cart. Look for the “Emailable Links” tab on the left column. From there, simply cut and paste the link into a new browser window.

The info buyers provide in these custom checkout fields will be available in the Order History for a specific sale. See below…

For camp roster purposes, from Financial > Product Order History, select a specific product, then tap Export Sales to CSV. This will create a spreadsheet file with each buyer’s information as well as any custom checkout fields.

If you would like to collect detailed information about campers, we recommend using a followup form. Forms can be created through our Forms module, then sent to the buyer in an automatic Post-Purchase Email. Forms can also be posted in the Member Dashboard, so they are available at anytime for parents to fill in.

Forms are a great way to keep information on each camper without requiring the buyer to enter it with every purchase. For example, if your club is offering multiple weeks of camps or even daily drop-in’s that parents may purchase sporadically throughout the Summer, filling in a single form once makes it easier for parents and administrators.

To learn more, view our article on Collecting Followup Info with Forms.

Limiting Sales for Camp Capacity

Still within the Product Editor of your initial product, go to the Limit Sales tab.

By default sales are not limited. To set a limit go to Max Available for Sale, and select a number.

In the example below, we have set a limit of 20. Keep in mind, our product has Variable Pricing setup so each sale is not necessarily a single camper. Be sure to define how each option affects the sales count…

You have two options for calculating the amount sold of a product. You can read the details in the Product Editor…

Duplicating the Initial Product

Save all the changes to your initial product, then head over to Board Member Dashboard > Financial > Product Duplicator.

Select the product you just created and you will see options similar to the screenshot below…

If you were only making a single duplicate, you could just fill in the New Product Name field and be done.

Most likely, you will want to create more duplicates for multiple dates. Select an initial date by choosing a value for Add Date to Name. You can check off more dates for repeating weeks (or any day).

Worth noting: Dates will be associated with these products, which can be used to display these products on a calendar. The product can also be disabled from sale after the associated date.

Once you create these products, each will be a unique product based on the original. You can return to the Product Editor to make specific changes to each one…

You may want to change the product title or description. For example, instead of “Summer Camp – May 2, 2022”, you may want to change it to “Summer Camp – Week 1 starting May 2”.

If you added Custom Checkout Fields, you will probably want to change the Section Title for each. If parents are purchasing multiple weeks for different children at once, this will help them provide the correct camper names each weekly product.

Create a Shop Page to sell your Camp Products

You can use our Page Creator tools to make a brand new page to sell your Summer Camp products. From the Board Member Dashboard go to Pages & Docs, then Create a Page or Event

Choose the highlighted Shop template. Then set the Title (1st arrow), Product (2nd arrow) to the first camp product (we will add more later), Content Managed Tags (last arrow) to Member Dashboard. 

Optionally if only members can enroll in camps, be sure to set the Members Only option.

Finally be sure to set a Featured Image.

After tapping Create Page, you will see a page (similar to the screenshot below) which is made up of 3 elements.

  • The Title (with background image)
  • The Body Text
  • The Shop

Each element can be edited, but for the scope of this article we will only focus on the Shop.

Find the subtle “Edit Shop” link pointed to in the arrow below…

You are now editing the Shop element. Begin by toggling on all the camp products you want displayed on this page…

You can change the order these products appear on your page, be selecting the Ordering tab, then dragging around the product titles in the order you want.

Switch over to the Appearance tab to change how the products are displayed on the page…

Once you have tinkered with the look of your Shop element, then edited the page’s body text and title, you should have a page similar to this to begin selling your camps.

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