Pre-Paid Pass Options

When editing a product from the Board Member Dashboard > Financial module > Product Editor, you will find a section called Pre-Paid Passes

This is most often used for pre-paid Guest Pass products, but clubs licensing our Advanced Booking Add On can make any product generate passes. Passes of either type are stored in a member’s account, viewable in the Member Dashboard > Balances section.

The Pass Type option in the screenshot above lets you select either of these two options…

  • Guest Pass – When purchased, the member’s account will have x number of Guest Passes added. These passes do not expire. They will be deducted when a member checks into the club with guests. An attendant using our Front Desk iPad app or the Front Desk Module of your website will note the number of guests entering and passes are automatically subtracted. If they do not have enough passes, the member’s account can have a negative balance which can be invoiced for later. Members will then purchase a Guest Pass product to make their balance positive again. If your club does not have an attendant, members can self check-in from our iPad kiosk, and deduct their own passes when noting how many guests are with them.
  • Product Specific (disabled if not licensed) – Passes are generated for whatever the product name describes. For example, “Tennis Guest Passes”, “Guppy-Level Swim Class”, “Ladies Night Clinics”. These passes can then be deducted using our reservation grids when members book a reservation or sign up for a clinic or class. This is a powerful tool for generating revenue from pre-selling classes or monetizing court guests (read more in our Advanced Booking documentation).

Setting how many passes are credited

This number will be set in one of two places depending on whether or not your product has variable pricing.

If variable pricing is set, then each pricing option will need to define their number of passes. So for example, an option named “4 Guests” should probably set 4 passes. You could do “Baker’s Dozen” style deals and add bonus passes at higher price tiers.

If your product does not have variable pricing set up, for example the product is named Guest Passes – 10 Pack, you will see an amount option above the Pass Type selection.

Notice you also have the option here to create best-value deals. Although the product is called a 10 Pack, it could credit 12 passes. The description for your product could say something like “Limited Time Offer – Buy 10, get 2 free” .

Continue reading about more Product Editor options here.

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