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Initial Reservation Grid Settings

In this series of articles, we will discuss the settings with which each individual reservation grid can be configured.


First, an overview. The Board Member Dashboard links to 3 separate Reservation Dashboards, each with their own set of Grids. By default these Dashboards are labeled Tennis, Swim, and Fitness. Regardless of which you are working on, each Grid within each Dashboard will have its own settings. While these settings below are ubiquitous, changing the settings on one grid will not affect any of the others. For example, If you need different member limitations on weekdays vs. weekends you should use two separate grids Рone for Saturdays and Sundays, the other for Weekdays.

To find the grid settings, view the reservation grid and look in the top right corner of the screen. If you see a View Settings button, you account has permission to edit these settings. And if so, you can also get to the settings by going to the Board Member Dashboard > Tennis or Swim or Fitness dashboard then Grid Settings.

NOTE: To learn how to change the way the icons or emojis appear for every grid on a specific Reservation Dashboard on your site, check out this article – Top Bar / Dashboard Settings.

Initial Settings

The Grid Title will be what members will see at the top of the Reservation Grid, and is basically the name and title of that grid. This is required even if the link isn’t showing, but can also be changed at any time. Choose to Enable it right away, or if you’re still working on the settings, disable it for now. Generally most grids should be listed in the iOS App, but if for some reason you need to, you can turn it off here.

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