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Each of your reservation grids can have their own limits on how often a member account or entire household can reserve. Your club may choose to separate more in-demand courts (or other reservable areas) onto their own grid for this reason. For example, our clients with tennis and paddle courts often use different grids.

To find the grid settings, view the reservation grid and look in the top right corner of the screen. If you see a View Settings button, you account has permission to edit these settings. And if so, you can also get to the settings by going to the Board Member Dashboard > Tennis or Swim or Fitness dashboard then Grid Settings.

Limiting Reservations – The Basics

When you’re ready to limit how often members can reserve, from the Grid Settings page, scroll down to the Member Restrictions section. The first three settings are the “throttle switches” on member reservations.

IMPORTANT: These settings DO NOT apply to Board Members with the appropriate access, OR when members go to book a Sign-Up or buy a Product. These restrictions only apply to members, when booking a regular time slot, on the grid, in advance. Keep reading for exceptions to these rules.

Days in advance to reserve – This is the number of days in advance a court or area/lane/table can be reserved. If this number is 2 and today is Thursday, members could book Friday and Saturday, but not Sunday. This is a rolling number of days.

Max reservations – This is the maximum number of reservations a member can book in advance within the timeframe set above. The server clock resets at midnight. For example, say I have three reservations on the grid and I’ve just gotten home from today’s reservation. I can’t book another until 12:01am, even though the reservation is passed. However, if I cancelled today’s before the start time, I could still make another.

Max daily reservations – This is the maximum number of reservations a member can book in a single day.

Exceptions to Member Restrictions

Within this same section, you can set certain exceptions that will allow members to have a little more leeway on how many reservations they can make outside of the restrictions set above.

Hours in Advance to Ignore Limits

This setting will allow members to reserve a Last Minute time slot. Good uses of this option include “I’m sitting at the pool and my kids want to stay longer” and “I’m on my way home from work and want to hit a few tennis balls.” The important thing to know about this setting is that it does not count against the restrictions set above. Think of it this way, why turn people away if there are open slots?

Shared totals within a Household

Tally Household Accounts Separately – When set to Yes, household accounts will have separate reservation counts. So for example, a husband and wife could book on the same day. By default, this option is set to Yes on Tennis grids, and NO on Swim grids. Fitness grids should probably be set to Yes as well.

Admin / Other Options

Allow Shortening: Allow members to shorten their reservation after booking.

Only Admins can book: Set this to yes if the grid will only be used to feature products, clinics or classes. This will disallow members from selecting other areas of the grid. Members will be able to buy / sign up for classes on this grid regardless of the restrictions set above.

Shut off grid based on attendance: This is an optional value to disable the grid if the attendance is estimated to be over this amount. Reservation types must be paired with a number attending and Blocking should be set to Options 2 or 3 for this to function correctly. Continue reading to learn More about Reservation Types and Blocking.

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