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Member Restrictions

Each of your reservation grids can have their own limits on how often a member account or entire household can...
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Setting Open Hours

You have two options for setting the Open Days and Times on every reservation grid depending on your club’s specific...
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Initial Reservation Grid Settings

In this series of articles, we will discuss the settings with which each individual reservation grid can be configured. Overview...
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Time Increments / Blocking

Blocking can be used to give staff time to clean the facility without members present. For example, your open hours could...
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Grid Note / Image

In this section you can customize the initial reservation page, including an image if you feel your columns need a...
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Reservation Page Notes

Only Members will have access this page after they have selected an available grid time. Pinned Note to Reservation Page...
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Reservation Confirmations

When a member makes a reservation, they will receive a confirmation email. The note you write in this section will...
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Grid Areas / Columns

This is an important section when determining how your grid(s) will appear. Set your Total Areas first, then based on...
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General Reservation Types

These fields determine what is shown to Members in the Type dropdown box after they select a day, time, and...
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Admin-Only Reservation Types

What you set up here will be available in the ⚙️ section after a Board Member with the proper permissions...
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Sign-Up Names

The names you enter here will be available in the ✅section after someone with the proper permissions selects a day,...
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