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This section of the Member Information profile will allow board members to change the member’s address, phone number, Interest Tags, Notes, Member ID, date joined, last Assessment year paid, etc.. Some of these options apply to the whole household, so they will only appear under the Primary account holder’s name.  Each of these fields be changed individually or by using the Mass Import/Export Tool.

Important: This sensitive information is only available to Board Members with the appropriate credentials.

Member ID (⭐️ Primaries Only)

Our system does not require a Member ID. Members / households are identified by their email address. That said, we can import an existing Member ID if your club has one associated with your members. If this is the case, they will appear and can be edited here.

Contact Info

This section will allow Board Members to change the default contact information provided during checkout.

Household Demographics (⭐️ Primaries Only)

In this section, you can view/edit the year a member joined, their residency tag, and their household demographics. These optional fields are useful for creating a distribution list for a subset of members you’d like to communicate to.

Assessment Info (⭐️ Primaries Only)

The assessment product and the year it was purchased will appear in this section if applicable. This can be manually updated if, for instance, someone pays the assessment by check or cash. Read more about invoicing for an assessment or requiring one with yearly dues.

Interest Tags

Interest tags are a great way to create an email distribution list and target certain audiences for communications. Tags can be used to contact groups of members by interests, activities, or as an internal option to be used by Board Members only.  But first you have to set them up.


Any notes entered into this first field will also show up on the Member Dashboard. The second field is viewable by Board Members / Admins only and will be visible without having to unfold this section at the top.

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