Find out who’s coming to your next event! Putting this section on a page will allow members to RSVP to let you know a certain number of people will be attending. This is an easy way to get a quick number of attendees, and the list can be exported to CSV at any time. A benefit to using this section is the ability for attendees to removes themselves from the count if their plans change.

Hint: If you need more options, like customized post-purchase emails, consider using a Product section (or page!) instead – just make the product $0.

HINT: When a member signs up but then realizes they can’t make it, all they have to do is go back to the page with the RSVP and Adjust their Sign-Up.

pooldues rsvp section signup


These are pretty straightforward. Change the Button Text, Max Number Attending, color, and size of the section.

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