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Impress potential members with a sliding / fading gallery of images, or if you have multiple images you’d like at...
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Basic Block

The name says it all. Add images, elegant text, and/or buttons. This is a full-width image with a ton of...
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Half Blocks

Add two half-width Basic Blocks to your page at one time. The only difference between these and the Basic Block...
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Add a full width image that reveals itself while scrolling. Text, buttons and event dates can appear over top the...
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Body Text

What you see is what you get with this traditional text editor. In the example below, we changed the Section...
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Find out who’s coming to your next event! Putting this section on a page will allow members to RSVP to...
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Use the Product Section to Add one of your Products to a page. This one is a little different because...
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Bullet Points

Add two columns of bullet points, with an optional iFrame. This is a great choice for adding white space between...
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Upload documents like PDFs and allow members to view them in the page or download the less common types. Use...
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Add a scrollable table of upcoming events. This section will pull from the events that you have already created, so...
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Vimeo Background

Add an auto-playing, muted, background video. Great for drone footage of your club.  This is a striking way to make...
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Add a Vimeo or YouTube video link. Viewers will click play to view it. This is a handy if you’d...
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Map / iFrame

Embed any iFrame code, perfect for Google Forms/Maps, Twitter feeds, or other dynamic content.  In the Bullet Points section, we...
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Add a cycling series of timed news blurbs with optional links. Great for highlighting timely announcements on a page. And...
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Add a counter for members to track their progress. Great for keeping track of laps swum! Members will be able...
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