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Invoice for Annual Dues

To invoice your club’s membership for their yearly dues, go to the Board Member Dashboard > Financial module, then select Mass Invoice for Annual Dues.

Expirations in regards to invoicing

From the mass invoicing module you will create an email that will be sent to all members that need to pay for the current year (or upcoming summer). Our system determine this by looking at a member’s expiration date.

For example, if your club invoices in February of 2021, any member with an expiration date in 2021 would get an invoice. When a member renews their membership the expiration date goes a year forward to 2022. If your club invoices again in March, the members that have already paid are not invoiced.

Who receives the invoice and for what

The primary purchaser of every household’s account is set to be invoiced for a specific Membership product. Although sub-accounts can be invoiced as well, we generally recommend sending mass invoices to the primary purchasers initially.

When building your email, one of the first options to select is whether to invoice the Primary Purchasers only or Primary Purchasers and adult Sub-Accounts. For reference see the first pulldown in the screenshot below.

invoice email for swim and tennis club

The blue “Pay Now” button is a payment link for the product the member is being invoiced for. This link sends the member directly into your website’s shopping cart with that product already added. This link also adds some “under the hood” code to track the household that got invoiced, just in case the buyer changes their email when checking out.

💡 Pro Tip – Your invoice should not instruct the member on much of anything. Every one has purchased something online before. Yes, even old people. You do not need to tell members to sign in, because they DO NOT need to. The payment link in the invoice bypasses any need for them to sign in to pay.

Corresponding Membership Products

Below the Pay Now button your club can offer an alternate Membership product. Membership products can have upgrade / downgrade paths, or corresponding automatically billed versions.

💡Case example 1 – Life Changes. Members receiving an invoice for a Couples Membership should be given the option to switch to a Family Membership. Your membership director might not be aware of life changes (like the couple have their first baby), so your invoice should at least offer another option.

💡Case example 2Installment Options. Your club begins offering installment plan memberships (which are easy to setup with PoolDues). Any member being invoiced for the Family Membership could also be offered the Family Membership – Pay Over 3 Months product.

💡Case example 3Crossgrade Plans. An alternate membership product might not be an upgrade or automatically billed version, but could instead give them the same exact membership at a higher price ! For example, any member being invoiced for the Family Membership could be offered the Family Membership plus Slide Donation Fund or Family Membership plus 20 Discounted Guest Passes.

Ready to start sending?

Once your invoice is perfect, select Send to Review Queue. The Review Queue will list every recipient, allow you to remove members from being invoiced, send or delete specific invoice, preview individual invoices, and send the entire batch of emails.

💡 Get to know our system – Our system does not automatically send invoices. Our clients tend to all have their own style of invoicing and timing (we read some fun ones). But we recommend once your club begins invoicing, you do so every couple of weeks. No club is lucky enough to have a membership that all pay after their first invoice. The beauty of our system is that invoicing is very quick and rather thoughtless (remember, once someone pays online they are excluded from invoicing).

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