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Notes on Fall Invoicing

While most of our clients invoice in the Spring, you are welcome to send invoices anytime of year. Spring invoicing is slightly more intuitive because the invoice is being sent the same year as the Annual Dues owed and member’s expiration.

Spring example – Your treasurer sends invoices in 2021 to members that owe for the Summer of 2021 (our system knows they owe because their expiration is sometime in 2021). When a member pays from an invoice email, our system moves their expiration date to 2022, and that member is no longer sent any more invoices in 2021.

Fall invoicing can be just as simple, if all your invoicing is done in the Fall for the upcoming year.

Fall example – Your treasurer sends invoices in the Fall of 2021. All members are set to expire before Dec 31, 2021. When a member pays their invoice, our system moves their expiration a year forward to the Fall of 2022, and those members are no longer invoiced in 2021.

Where things can get tricky for our system is if your club is invoicing from Fall into the Spring, crossing from one year into the next. Granted, the worst thing that can happen is our mass invoicing system interprets a Fall paying as owing again in the Spring, and the member gets an invoice after already paying.

So IF you invoice from Fall INTO the Spring…

Contact us at PoolDues to make everything perfect. Some factors we’ll look at is whether or not you are offering Installment Plans, Early Bird discounts, Month-to-Month plans, or semi-annual payment options.

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