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Product-based Pass Examples

Any product can generate passes stored in a member’s account. These passes can be deducted in a number of ways but let’s first take a look at what the member sees if they have a positive balance or owe for passes…

In the example above, this member has 5 Dinner Night Passes in their account, but owes the club for 6 Tennis Guest Passes.

If a member owes for passes, these are noted with purchase links in the Member Dashboard, in a separate Balances page, and your Treasurer can invoice for unpaid Guest / Product-based passes at any time.

Subtracting Passes

Conceptually these passes are similar to our Pre-Paid Guest Passes, where members buy ahead, load their accounts and the passes are deducted over time. The main difference is in how they are typically subtracted.

  • Pre-Paid Guest Passes are deducted when an attendant checks in a member bringing x number of guests.
  • Product Based Passes are deducted when a member reserves a court or other area on a reservation grid OR signs up for a clinic, camp or other class scheduled on a reservation grid.

Either pass type could be manually subtracted from a member’s account so product-based passes could also be thought of us as simple ledger for tracking how much left a member has of something they purchase.

Case examples

Court Bookings – The club’s by-laws state members must pay for guests on the courts (a common policy but rarely enforced). With this add-on, the club could create a Reservation Type that requires using a Tennis Guest Pass to book the court (the club could also let members owe for a Tennis Guest Pass instead of requiring it).

Clinic Sign-Ups – The club has an active tennis program with weekly clinics, members purchase week after week to participate in a clinic product posted on the grid. With this add-on the club could use our Sign-Up type reservation and require members to use one of their Tennis Clinic Passes to enroll. This reduces the number of store products since members are simply reloading their accounts with more Tennis Clinic Passes instead of buying into a dated product like Tennis Clinic July 14, Tennis Clinic July 21, etc. Buyers could also be offered more passes for buying ahead at higher priced “best value” deals.

Camps or Classes – The club offers highly in-demand swim classes or camps with limited capacity that sell out quickly. With this add-on, Members could buy passes ahead of the class or camp schedule being posted with products like Beginner Swim Class or 2 Week Tennis Camp. As soon as the schedule is posted members can use their pre-paid passes to enroll immediately. Because the member does not have to spend time going through the shopping cart to enroll, there is almost no chance your camp or class gets overbooked (and requires refunding).

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