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Domain-Based Email

Note: This article pertains to custom, domain-based email addresses. ie: “someone@yourdomain.com”. If you have “someone.yourdomain@gmail.com” addresses instead, you can disregard this article. We like those too.

We see a ton of clubs using general domain-based email addresses like president@yourdomain.com. That’s great in some ways! Makes it easy to pass those roles on to the next you and the two yous after you. It also means you, or more to the point, your treasurer@yourdomain.com is probably getting a ton of SPAM and Phishing scam emails because those are easy for the *bad guys* to guess.

When you switch to PoolDues as your new host, we will make sure you continue to receive mail regardless. Your new PoolDues-powered site is built to mask individual board member emails. So if you are tired of checking two inboxes all the time, or if treasurer@yourdomain.com is getting too much SPAM, we can assign roles to board members with any email address they prefer, and those emails are hidden on the site and on the contact form(s). For example, Members will be able to contact swimteam@yourdomain.com without knowing your swim team director’s email address.

If these domain-based email addresses are supplied through your Domain Registrar (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, or Google to name a few), that means you’re probably already paying at least a small charge per email address. That’s standard and what we recommend and you’ll want to keep it that way. The main reason being the odds of you ever changing domain providers is way lower than changing hosts.

If these emails are set up through your host (ComWeb, Wix, etc…) those will need to be handled differently. We are happy to set up a couple of forwards for the necessary emails (ie, the ones that are tied to PayPal or “everyone” in your club already knows). If you have a bunch of them, consider contacting your domain provider. Alternatively, you can get up to 10 domain-based email boxes through us for under $5/user per month. If that’s a sweeter deal than what your domain registrar offers, let’s chat! Upgraders can also send site-based communications from any of those email addresses. 

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