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Agree to Terms

We have three different types / ways to include Agree to Terms. 

  • Standard Agree to Terms: These are the overall terms a member will need to agree to when purchasing anything.  From the Board Member Dashboard > Members > Director Tools > 👍 Member agree to Terms.
  • Product-specific Agree to Terms:  For instance if you have additional rules you need members who are purchasing camps, lessons, guests, etc… to agree to.  Look for the Agree to Terms section within each product.  
  • Addendum to Terms:  These are intended to require all members to agree to MORE terms after they’ve already agreed to the above.  (This was widely used during the Covid year.) You can set this up such that members will have to Agree in order to make reservations.  Members > Director Tools > 📎 Waivers / Addendum to Terms. 

NOTE: Boiler plate standard waivers/terms are included in those locations if you would like to modify them to your club’s specific terms. 

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