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Import Current Members / Residents

When setting up your new site, the first couple of things we need is your membership/resident list and any additional information about your membership levels and pool you can provide.

The Membership Spreadsheet (attached to this article) is how we import your current members.  We use email addresses for our unique identifier, so EVERY primary purchaser must have one.  

About Sub-Accounts

A few notes about secondary names and email addresses: 

  • If you choose to include them, secondary email addresses with names are considered Sub-Accounts, and are adult members of the household.  These people are allowed to make reservations and purchases and log into the website in general.  
  • Secondary emails without names can not be imported – they can be added later.
  • If you have secondary names without email addresses, they can be imported as dependents so they show up at check-in, or we can skip them at initial upload and ask the primaries to update their household info afterwards.   

Additional Info

Please put families on one row if you can

We can import nearly any member data you have (for example, if you track Year Joined, we’ve got a field for that), so if you want to track it, include it in the spreadsheet – even if it’s not in the template attached. The only required fields are email, first name, last name, and membership level.  There is example data, but if your export doesn’t look quite like that we can probably still make it work.  

If you have some members who have already paid for this year and some who haven’t, please add a column with that info.  

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