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Preparing to Launch Your New Site

There are two basic options when you’re ready to switch over to your new PoolDues-powered Website.

Option 1: Keeping your Current Domain Name

Keeping your current domain name is as simple as changing a few fields in the control panel settings where domain is registered. Domain Name Server fields (DNS for short) point your domain to where your website is hosted (that’ll be PoolDues going forward). If someone on Board is comfortable changing those DNS fields for us, we will send over the name server values to one of the lightning-fast dedicated servers your site will be hosted on. If not, we can log into your domain registrar and take care of everything. If you don’t mind us doing it, this is often easier as we can do a 4am switchover and troubleshoot anything ourselves.

One of the most common issues we have when preparing to go live is figuring out who has the login credentials to your domain registrar, so we recommend finding out who that is as early in the set up process as possible. Some of the most common domain registrars are GoDaddy, Register.com, TwoCows, NetworkSolutions, and Google. We usually check here to find out where our client’s domains are currently registered.

We will not be taking over your domain registration (only your hosting), so make sure your domain name is always set to Auto Renew. If your domain registrar offers Paypal as an option to pay for the auto-renewal, that payment source is less likely to have issues than a credit card that can expire or get canceled due to theft.

We will set up your new site on our staging server to get ready to go live, and then when everything looks just right we’ll Launch the new site on your same domain and you can send a Welcome email to your Membership when ready!

Option 2: Using a Brand New Domain Name

If you have requested a new domain name, we will search for different options, run them by you, then create your site at that address.  With this option, the Launch date is pretty much up to you. Once we’ve all made sure everything looks just right, you can send a Welcome email to your Membership when ready!

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