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Connecting your PoolDues-powered site to MailChimp

PoolDues handles your transactional mail (invoices, receipts, reservation reminders, etc), but if you have been using MailChimp for your newsletters you can continue to do so and keep your member database synced between the two.

To get connected, log into your MailChimp account, then go to Profile > Extras > API Keys. Create a new key, copy it and send it to us.

What Email Addresses are Synced to MailChimp?

After your site is connected, we can automatically subscribe users that…

1. Purchase certain Membership Products
2. Change their own email addresses in the Member Dashboard
3. Have their addresses updated by a Board Member in the Member Info module

Your Board Members can also unsubscribe or subscribe members directly from within the Board Member Dashboard in the Communications Module.

Exporting all your email addresses to do a mass import to MailChimp

You can export out a CSV file of your Membership database’s emails, first names, and last names.  This file can then be imported to MailChimp. Contacts that already exist are simply skipped over while any new contacts will be added.

Exporting and importing to Mailchimp shouldn’t be necessary once your API Key is in place, but it is possible.

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