Household Accounts

This section sets how many Sub Accounts, Dependents or Babysitters their membership account is allowed to have.

When a buyer purchases a membership product their account will be tailored to these settings. For example, if the member was previously on a Singles membership type, but renewed by purchasing a Couples Membership, their account could be adjusted to allow 1 Sub Account instead of 0 Sub Accounts (obviously for a Singles membership the buyer should not be able to add anyone else to their account).

Let’s review each field….

  • Sub Accounts are typically spouses or significant others, and as such, most clubs only allow 1 extra Sub Account per membership. Your club could consider letting households have more than 1 Sub Account and even allow members over age 13 to be entered into the system. This would allow the member to make their own court reservations (tallied independently from other household account holders), as well as manage their own concession credit balances, have a photo taken at check-in, and do other things that only account holders can.
  • Dependents or children are listed in the primary purchaser’s account. Dependents can not log into the website. Our system only stores a name and birthdate for dependents. The birthdate is used so a front gate attendant can see the dependent’s age. For a Family membership, we recommend setting this option to 9.
  • Babysitters or caretakers are similar to dependents in that they are not true account holders, just names and ages listed under the primary’s account. If your club allows so, members can swap in and out babysitter names thoughout the season.

Pricing based on usage

Swim and tennis club membership types are typically rather simple, for example, most clubs have a product called Family Membership. Your club can make very specific membership types, such as Family Membership – 1 Child, Family Membership – 2 Children, and so on. Obviously the settings in this section should reflect the specificity of the product. For example, below is an example of a New Jersey club that prices by the number of children allowed in the account.

Changes to the numbers allowed

Changing these fields will not affect members already paired with these membership type. That type of adjustment is possible using the Database Tools.

Limiting how often members can manage their household

The settings of your website can restrict when (or if) members can make changes to their household profile. For example, you might disable changes after the season begins, so members do not try to add in cousins or friends as extra dependents.

You can also disable all changes unless the member is new to the club that year. So first-year members can self-manage this information initially without having to go through your Membership Director to add it. Again, once the season begins all members can be restricted from editing their household.

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