Member Limitations

Buyers can be restricted from making reservations based on their initial membership purchase or renewal. Your club has 3 different reservation dashboards, each can have an unlimited number of grids that members can reserve on. “Out of the box” your site has a Tennis reservation dashboard, Swim reservation dashboard and Fitness reservation dashboard. These names can be tailored to your needs, and as you can see in the example screenshot below, Fitness has been renamed to Pickleball

These options allow your club to create membership products such as…

  • Tennis Only Membership – buyers can reserve on the Tennis Grid, but would not be able to make Lap Swim reservations. Your attendants could also be told to not allow Tennis Only members to check into the pool (a member’s product purchased will be shown to attendants).
  • Lap Swim Enabled Membership – buyers could reserve on a Lap Swim grid, whereas other members are not given this capability. Your membership product could cost slightly more for this option and include special Agree to Terms at checkout.
  • Pickleball Add-On Membership – buyers could pay more to be able to reserve on pickle ball courts, whereas other members might only be able to reserve on the tennis courts.

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