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Creating a New Custom Role

If our Default Board Roles just don’t fit your club, don’t worry. You can create a new Custom Board Member Role. If you’re wondering why that would even matter, check out this article first: Determining Who Receives Emails from the Contact Forms.

Note: Only Board Members with the President role can access these settings. A shortcut to the Assign Roles to Board Members page can be found at the bottom of the Board Member Dashboard. If you do not see this link, you probably don’t have the proper permissions. Contact your Board President (or Website Guru) for access.

Create or Edit a Role

From the Assign Roles to Board Members Page, find the Role to Display to Members section on ANY board member and select Adjust Roles.


First off, you can change the order in which the established Role shows up on the Contact Forms by entering the title from below and then which order. For instance, if you’d like Membership to show up first, enter Membership in the top field and then the number 1 in the second field.

You can also enter a new role, and then assign the order in which you’d like them to show up on the Contact Forms.


Note: Adjusting these Board Member display-names will not affect access to the core roles in our system (nor will it rename them). For example, if you delete “Treasurer” and add “Banking Dude”, it won’t change the Treasurer module. 

When you finish adding or editing the role, go back to the Board Roles Admin page by clicking the link at the top.

Update Board Member

When you return to the Board Roles Admin page, navigate to the new board member and locate the find the Role to Display to Members section. Pull down to select the new Role you just created, and then Update Board Member.

Add to Contact Form(s)

Last step. If you’d like this new role to be included in the Member or Non-Member Contact Forms, the checkboxes will not be listed with the rest of the Default Roles. Instead, there will be two custom options located at the bottom of the section, near the Update Board Member button. Check those appropriately to allow Members and/or Non-Members to contact that new Custom Role.

Custom board member role contact form

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