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Assigning Roles to Board Members

Note: Only Board Members with the President role can edit these settings.

If you are President of your club, a shortcut to the Assign Roles to Board Members page can be found at the bottom of the Board Member Dashboard. If you do not see this link, you probably don’t have the proper permissions. Contact your Board President (or Website Guru) for access. (If you ARE the President and you don’t see these links, contact us or the previous President.)

pooldues president quicklinks roles

The 🎩 Assign Roles to Board Members page can be found under the Board Member Dashboard -> Members module -> President Tools section as well.

Step 1: Create a New Board Member (maybe)

There may still be a couple of the more common Board Roles with placeholder addresses @pooldues.com left over from the initial set up.  You are welcome to edit the email address and names on the example accounts, or add an entirely new one. The benefit of editing one that’s there is we’ve already configured the role and communications preferences for you. If you do choose to edit what is already there, skip to Step 2.

To Create a brand New Board Member, enter an email address and then select Add a Board Member. The Add to All Board Roles checkbox *can* be checked for someone you’d like to give full access to the site to, however if this is for your Social or Swim Team Director, you should probably just leave it unchecked and we will discuss adding individual roles in the next few steps.


Step 2: Register the New Board Member

Each New Board Member must be Registered before they will be able to log on and administer the website. Unfold to Adjust the newly created Board Member’s Access. If the system has found an existing login account for them, we will use that info for their first and last name. If not, enter their First Name and Last Name. Then you can follow the the No account found link to register them.

Important: Change or make a note of the password. Board Members can always use the Forgot Password link on the login page to reset it once your site is Live, however if your site is still in setup mode, the Forgot Password email will likely go to their SPAM folder. It just makes logging in for the first time much simpler if they already know what they should be using.

pooldues register board member markup

NOTE: If you change the email address for an Existing Board Member that has already been registered, you will need to re-register them and create a new password. Changing a Board Member’s email address is equivalent to creating a brand new admin account.

Step 3: Assign a Role

You can use the Role to Display to Members dropdown to assign the new Board Member a Built-In role. This is not required, but it does help when quickly viewing that page to see who’s assigned to which Role. Adjusting and creating Custom Roles is discussed more here.

pooldues add board member role

Step 4: Assign Permissions

The first “column” on that page is the permissions the individual will have on the website.  Just focus on those for now. The lightbulbs 💡 help explain what each role does, do hover over them and toggle ON where appropriate!

Don’t worry about those other “columns” at this point. Those are communications settings and will be discussed here: Determining Who Receives Emails from the Contact Forms

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