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Can we do a slow roll out to test Pool Dues?

We can go as quick or as slow as you want. If your Board isn’t ready for a complete website change, you are welcome to use PoolDues as a subdomain (for example,  yourclub.pooldues.com), and introduce prospective members to the club through that site. Facebook advertising is dirt cheap to small areas (for example, 2 miles from your club). You can send ad traffic to your fresh looking Pool Dues site and get new members signed up on the spot.

If you are like most neighborhood pools, your website is looking 15-20 years old (because it is)! 

Think about what that says to prospective members. If they see a club equidistant away that has a more modern website, the assumption is that that club is a younger, more fun pool. Even if your facilities are better, people make decisions based on how the website makes your pool look – a good website makes your pool look good!

Boards love to table things for another day, but delaying a better system is lost revenue. We met with a local club a full year before they finally committed. Once their site was live, within a few weeks they saw sales go up on new memberships, sponsorships, tennis team dues, even ice cream sales. All their sales could have increased a year earlier.


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