Using Multiple Grids

Your PoolDues-Powered website is equipped to allow your Swim and Tennis Club or HOA to schedule unlimited types of reservations. Reservation Grids can be configured to handle restricted capacities, book tennis courts, set uniform enter and exit times, reserve facilities, promote swim or tennis classes and clinics, and even reserve (or sell!) tables to special events.

Your club can employ multiple (swim, fitness, or facilities) grids.

For instance, if you have a General pool grid and a Lap Swim grid, or you have fitness grids with Yoga Classes and a Workout Room with different time increments, columns and/or days open, or if you’d just like to have a special sign up for Social Events.

Each grid will have its own settings. You can customize Open Days/Hours, Member Restrictions, Available Areas, Reservation Types, etc.. basically every setting you can think of is up to you.

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