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Setting Custom Open Hours

If you have different hours for different amenities, or hours that change monthly, you can create separate Sets of Open Hours. Custom Hour Sets can be used to show your membership the open pool hours or define the open and close times of your facility reservation grids.

There are a couple of ways to get to the page to edit Open Hours. From the Board Member Dashboard, choose the appropriate module. You will see an Hours Section inside the Settings for each Reservation Grid.

When you see the link to the Open Hours in your Grid Settings, that will be what the system uses to determine the times for that grid. This is especially useful when you need to change the hours for a certain day. Say if there’s a home swim meet or something, that day’s hours will show up at the top of the reservation grid and the Member Dashboard. 

Regardless of which way you arrive at the page to edit your Open Hours, the first thing you will see is the ability to edit a current set of hours. If you scroll down, you can also create a new set of hours.

In either case, on the next screen, choose the date range you are interested in. The Start Date defaults to today’s date. Change the End Date appropriately.

NOTE: You will need to click the date on the calendar dropdown. (If the numbers are still greyed out, you haven’t selected a date yet.)

Once you’ve filtered your date range, you will see the hours that are currently set on a day-by-day basis. If this is a new Hourly Set, every day will show as closed since no hours have been set.

Step 1 is to choose which day(s) you would like to change. You can scroll down and choose each day individually, but there are some other options to change several days of the week at one time if applicable.

If you scroll down to change individual days, you’re done – just save the Changes. Step 2 Only if changing bulk days at once, is to set the opening and closing times for particular days of the week. You can Repeat Step 2 as many times as necessary, just save your changes, then select different days of the week. When you change the Day Option field, only those day(s) you have chosen will be shown below. When you think you’re done, choose All Days to be sure everything looks right. This is a good time to adjust specific days like July 4, Labor Day or days that there are Swim or Dive Meets.

Pooldues set days hours

Important: When your days all look good, be sure to Save your Changes!

You can Preview, choose a different hour set, or start over using the links in the light blue bar at the top of the page. In the example below we were editing the Clubhouse hours.

Pooldues Preview Hour Set

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