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From Purchase to Launch and Beyond: an overview of PoolDues steps

We will start setting up your temporary site immediately upon purchase, including gathering whatever pictures and content and membership information we can find on your old site. We’ll grab whatever we can, but if there are specific things that definitely don’t need to be ported or are out of date, please let us know. In the meantime, we will need your member import spreadsheet.

Once that’s done, we will email you specific instructions for logging in to your temporary site.

In the meantime

Your new PoolDues-powered website is built to integrate many functions that may have not been available with your old host. Below are some of the things we generally need to follow up on.


Which Board Member(s) should receive general inquiry emails?  Usually it’s your Membership person, but let us know if it’s someone different. 

We will use noreply@”yourdomain.com” for the “from” address on all communications from the website. Invariably, someone will reply.  To whom would you like these emails directed?  (Usually the same person as above, but can be set differently.) 

Do you need domain-based emails?

Do you have a Mailchimp account?   You will be able to send simple emails directly through your new website to members based on all kinds of different database information.  However, if your club regularly sends fancy newslettters, we can integrate with Mailchimp  to keep the audience consistent.  If you have a current Mailchimp account, we just need the API key.  If you don’t have one, you don’t really need one but we’d be happy to help set one up, just let us know.


If your club’s PayPal address is different than what you paid with, please let us know. We will send a $1 payment to your Paypal account through the new site to test payments are being received. This email should always be in your club’s Paypal account profile or your store will not work.


Do you have sponsors currently?  If you have a swim team, sponsors are a great way to help even out the cost.  Contact us to help set this up.  


Would you like to include Tennis/Swim/Fitness/Facilities Reservations? Your new PoolDues-powered site includes 4 separate Reservation Dashboards, each with their own set of Grids. By default these Dashboards are labeled TennisSwimFitness, and Facilities, but they can be customized to meet your club’s individual needs. Regardless of which you are working on, each Grid within each Dashboard will have its own settings

Reservation settings include options to configure the number of reservable courts/lanes/areas, days in advance to book, how many times a member can book in that number of days, and how many reservations per day, amongst other settings.  If you have an idea of what you’d like these to be already, please include them.  

End Steps

There will be plenty of emails going back and forth to finalize settings.

When we’re done, we will schedule a Zoom or call to train you and/or any other board members who require it.  Then we’ll schedule a “Launch” date when you’re ready for us to make the new site live.  

We are always available to answer questions over email anytime before or after Launch.  contact@pooldues.com

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