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Adding, Reordering, or Removing Products from a Shop

From the Board Member Dashboard > Financial module > go to Shop Manager.

From here, you will see your current “Shops”. Shops are essentially just pages on your website to list multiple products for sale. Our software has some preset shop pages to sell products common to most clubs (like Guest passes) and a general Shop with some examples. You will also find a Swim Team and Tennis shop out-of-the-box. If the product you want to start selling would naturally go into one of those preset shops, click that shop.

If you want to create a new shop, use the Add New Shop button. You will be asked to title your shop and select an initial product to sell.

Adding new Products to your Shop

From the shop page you created or an existing shop, look for the Edit Shop button in the top left.

After pressing Edit Shop, the page will be in “edit mode”. You can now add a header image to the store, change the title or add a description. Scroll to the bottom of the page to add a new product….

As you can see in the animated image above, the bottom-most product slot is empty, and include a pulldown menu of your existing products to select from. Select the product and save the page.

Reordering your shop

In edit mode, simply drag and drop your products to change their order.

Removing a Product

In edit mode, select the pulldown from any of the existing product slots. The first option will say Remove Product. Select it and save the page by pressing Update Shop.

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