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Accountant Tools

From the Board Member Dashboard > Financial module, you will find a section called Accountant Tools. This area is reserved for Board Members that have a special role enabled to access, alter, or delete the core payment data in the backend. As these historical payment records could be important to your club for years to come, we do not recommend any ol’ Board Member tinker back there. Contact us at PoolDues if your club has a new Treasurer or Accountant that needs this level of access.

💡Since the Accountant Tools section is well-gated off, we feel the rest of the Financial module (in grey below) can be accessible to the Board Members that know to stay in their lane (even if they aren’t officially the Treasurer). For example, if your Tennis Director needs to create a lot of products for clinics, they could have access to the Financial module by having the Treasurer role capabilities turned on in the Board Roles module. Anyone with the President role can assign new roles.

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